A Yogi in the Making

At her day job, Sina Martin is the Vice President of the third-party origination division here at FT Home Loans. Outside of that role, Sina is a lover and teacher of yoga. Her journey to becoming a Yogi began with a hot yoga class. Running had been her primary form of exercise, but she was growing bored of it and noticed severe stiffness in her joints from working primarily in office settings. A friend raved about her experience with yoga and invited Sina to a class and she was hooked.

Yoga began to be a way to relax for her, a way to unwind and decompress from the day. She began to notice her flexibility improving, among other things such as better breathing and reduced anxiety. Most of her career has been in roles of leadership and having the opportunity to serve others, so naturally, she quickly desired the opportunity to share her newfound love with a larger audience.

She completed her first teacher training in 2018 and began teaching Vinyasa Flow yoga, one of the most popular forms that focus on fluid movements and smooth transitions between positions. Teaching gave her the opportunity to not only share with others but to remove limitations and make even more progress. She wants to send the message that yoga can be whatever you want it to be, calmness of the mind, self-love, and self-reflection. “Don’t be intimidated by yoga,” Martin says, “I was in my forties when I started and was stiff from head to toe!”. Her classes have become a place for her and the members of her class to gain confidence, take a breath, and release stress.

Currently, Sina is teaching 2-4 classes per week at Cornerstone Yoga in Moore, Oklahoma. She is working on completing two courses on Iyengar Yoga, which is a more intense form of yoga focusing on detail, precision, and alignment, as well as increased focus on breath control. Iyengar also uses props like bolsters and chairs to aid the body with correct posture. This will be a challenging but rewarding new addition to her Yogi accomplishments and we can’t wait to watch her continue to excel and help others explore this art.

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